Ashley Madison and the New Puritanism


ashley madison

How do you figure out what’s going on in the mind of the person who hacked the Ashley Madison website? Why would anyone want to hack a site for adults having clandestine affairs? Leaving aside the fact that Ashley Madison is a money-making operation, the question remains: whose business is it, apart from aggrieved spouses or partners?

Is it my business? No, it isn’t.

Is it your business? Certainly not.

So what is going on with this individual? Why does he think it’s worthwhile to steal personal data belonging to thousands of people and dump it on the internet like some enraged toddler?

There are only a few possibilities.

He might be a person hurt by a partner’s infidelity.

He might be a friend or relation of somebody hurt by infidelity.

He might be the child of a family damaged by infidelity.

Or he might just be some judgemental cyber-puritan, determined to impose his own view of relationships on the whole world, no matter how much pain he inflicts in the process.

If reports are correct, all the information stolen from Ashley Madison has now been dumped somewhere on the internet, in places known to the usual breathless journalists as the Dark Net, where a digital Yog-Sothoth broods over its infinitely malevolent binary kingdom.  But again, you’d have to ask Why? Given that anyone could set up an Ashley Madison account without asking our permission, precisely what purpose will it serve to indiscriminately dump unreliable, contaminated data on the internet? After all, since so many internet nutcases manage to distort perfectly valid facts to their own ends, what sort of lunatics, bunco artists and blackmailers will take advantage of this bonanza?

This is about punishing people for having imperfect lives, unlike presumably the life of the individual behind the hack.

Wikileaks it ain’t. Not so much Julian Assange as Beavis and Butthead.


1 thought on “Ashley Madison and the New Puritanism

  1. Probably the work of some 20 something know-it-all, with a bit of tech knowledge.

    I think 95% of the site’s actual users are men and the site have a load of fake female profiles thrown up to get men to sign up/part with their money, so I don’t think many affairs are coming about from the site at all.. still though, it’s probably not something you’d want the missus knowing about.

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