Denis O’Brien threatens to sue Waterford Whispers

The Denis does a Streisand

This is the letter sent to Waterford Whispers by a law firm purporting to represent Denis O’Brien.  Personally, I think it’s a hoax, since the letter is obviously signed by a six-year-old, but maybe it’s real.  Who knows?  Maybe six-year-olds qualify for JobBridge these days.

Anyway, Denis doesn’t like being laughed at, it seems.

What kind of sad, vulnerable little man would feel threatened by a satirical website? Not exactly a Master of the Universe, that’s for sure.  Even a pirate of the Caribbean would dismiss this kind of thing with a Haar and an Aaar, but not The Denis.

You will absolutely not the laughing making at the Supreme Leader!  Not Waterford Whispers and not our national parliament.

A boy named Sue, indeed.


Denis O Brien Waterford Whispers



8 thoughts on “Denis O’Brien threatens to sue Waterford Whispers

  1. No, even his legal representatives write, and I quote from above, “Our client is a criminal who has managed to evade prosecution to date”.

  2. Sounds to me like DOB is perfectly right to have this rubbish removed. Would you not ?

    Jarjar, your quote is inaccurate, read it again….

  3. Thats not what I’m saying. But I think some should (for example the recently published cartoons by Charlie Hebdo about bodies from MH370).

    I think DOB has a right to ask them to remove a fake photo that depicts him as a criminal. Would you not ?

  4. He didn’t ask for the photo to be removed, he threatened legal action if it wasn’t.
    He also has the right to be told fuck off.

    I don’t see how exactly he was defamed by the suggestion that in an alternative universe he was convicted, like any criminal would be, for illegal activities.

    In the alternative universe Denis resides in, you’d think he’d shut his pie hole and be thankful he didn’t do time.. defamed my arse. Reputation me twat.

    Seriously, it has to be a bit of a joke, right? No one is that brass necked..

    “Would you not?” Ah shura you would.. might as well continue giving the Irish people the two fingers.

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