Goodbye, Rumpole

A good man leaves us

brendan nix

The wonderful Brendan Nix has died, to my shock and sorrow.

There was no kinder man, no more decent man and no more humble man.

Brendan confounded every stereotype of the snooty Senior Counsel with his basic, earthy grasp of life’s realities and his compassion for those less fortunate.  He was never pompous, never self-important, but always ready to defend the weak and the vulnerable, often to his own cost.

He had no love for the inflated egos of certain judges and no fear of their wrath when he called them out as the fools he perceived them to be.

Brendan cared nothing for status but valued friendship and loyalty no matter what quarters those qualities extended to.

He was a decent man and I’m sad tonight to hear of his passing, for which we are all the poorer.

Some might say he took his case to a higher court.  If so, I hope he’s giving them a hard time as always.

Goodbye, Rumpole, you crazy diamond.

1 thought on “Goodbye, Rumpole

  1. I’ve never heard of this man,but he sounds as if he was a very honourable , and not unlike Rumpole.

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