Rule 68 finally abolished after 50 years

Finally getting rid of nonsense

Poor old David Quinn is having a meltdown. Fresh from his humiliating defeat in the Marriage Equality referendum in which the people of Ireland rejected him and all that he stands for, he now faces the removal of the absurd Rule 68, and he sees that as an attack on his cherished “faith schools”.

Dave, of course, being no stranger to bending reality, fails to mention that Rule 68, along with all its fellow rules, was only introduced in 1964, and that his clerical school managers got on fine in the years leading up to that. Indeed, those same school managers managed to abuse so many children we ended up with statutory investigations to find out what they were getting up to.

Let’s see exactly what Rule 68 says.

Of all parts of a school curriculum Religious Instruction is by far the most important, as its subject matter, God’s honour and service, includes the proper use of all man’s faculties, and affords the most powerful inducements to their proper use. Religious Instruction is, therefore, a fundamental part of the school course, and a religious spirit should inform and vivify the whole work of the school.

No it’s not. Religious instruction is not by far the most important part of a school curriculum. Only an idiot would suggest such a thing, but isn’t vivify a great word? Would anyone except a bishop use a word like vivify? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone using this word but of course, that’s probably because I haven’t been mixing with lads from Maynooth.

Vivify. As someone who loves language, I must admit I would never use such an inflated, self-important word, but then again, I’m not a bishop.

Doesn’t Rule 68 have McQuaid’s creepy fingerprints all over it? And doesn’t it betray the craven attitude of the civil servants who allowed McQuaid and his fellow priests to dictate to this independent republic what its educational policy should be?

Is there a huge difference between the mindset that vivifies modern Muslim madrassas and that which created our current primary school system?

Not being a man with a great grasp of logic, Dave Quinn has been spinning all day about the loss of protection for his personal faith delusion, even though our national schools were originally set up as a non-denominational system. Dave has been suggesting, with no logic at all, that the removal of Rule 68 will somehow remove his power to inflict religion on children. Dave, somehow, appears to be unaware that religious indoctrination carried on just fine prior to 1964 when Rule 68 was first written.

It’s over.

The days are gone when John Charles McQuaid told the government what to write into law and poor Dave, who in many ways is a likeable sort of fellow, needs to realise that.

Over the years Dave has demonstrated a semi-detached relationship with rational thought, thereby turning his ludicrous political lobby group into the Guantanamo of logic. Iona: where common sense goes to be tortured.

I don’t care what fetish people cling to. If feet are your thing, that’s fine. If you like bicycles, so be it. If you want to hang on a cross, that’s ok too, but really, the cross Dave likes to hang on defeats all logic. Let Dave fantasise all he likes about being a victim while he hangs there on his cross, but meanwhile Irish parents need to get their children educated in real subjects like science and critical thinking instead of Dave’s magic.

Here’s one thing you will never hear David Quinn talking about: the Catholic bishops’ determined efforts to obstruct the creation of multi-denominational schools in Ireland. And there’s a good reason why Dave will never talk about that nasty little period in our history. It doesn’t fit in with his false narrative of tolerance.

If Dave wants to indoctrinate our children in his magic, he’s free to do it on a Sunday when the taxpayer isn’t footing the bill. We’ll even pay for the classrooms. We’re good like that.


Rule 68. Revising Ancient Guidelines for Primary Schools

12 thoughts on “Rule 68 finally abolished after 50 years

  1. Well said Bock, despite the best efforts of the Catholic Church we seem to be slowly maturing as a people and entering the 21st century hopefully free of the Maynooth brigade and their arrogance and intolerance, let them beat each other with their croziers.

  2. The Irish state requires publicly funded schools to uphold the ethos of the patron. This is supported by Section 15 (2) (b) of the Education Act 1998 which obliges the Board of Management of all schools to uphold and be accountable to the patron for upholding the ethos of the school. which is mainly Catholic. Is this being repealed as well?

  3. Just read that woman in Tallaght hospital refuses to be treated by female Moslem consultant, looks like the old Catholic bigotry promoted by the church has worked it magic

  4. Im 67 and I still cringe at some of the stuff that passed for “religion”when I was in school.
    I still hate the sound of the loud thumping organ played in the church when we were marched there to hear a very twisted group of people try to indoctrinate to their way of thinking.
    Im ashamed to say they succeeded for a long time and it is only now I understand it was all “bull”,.They completely ignored Christs teaching,”love thy neighbour”.They traded on fear.

  5. The catholic church destroyed my family. My nan was raised in an orphanage in Drumcondra and all that that entailed. She was a broken person, the results of that leaked down the generations to my mother and aunts resulting in alcoholism, anxiety, depression and personality disorders. She was taught nothing about having morals, principles, kindness or love and just taught to fear god and feel guilty. The nuns were paid to educate her and shelter her, she left the orphanage with an education suitable only to work as a domestic or in a factory. Me and my cousins are still paying the price for what the “brides of Christ” did to my nan. It makes me sick that in 2015 they’re still indoctrinating children into this bullshit “faith”. It enrages me that bishops were invited into our Dáil to give their views on what rights I should be allowed in regard to my own body and fertility. It just makes me want to give up, f*ck this backwards country.

  6. Catholic schools should be catholic and hold to their ethos.the same for all religious choice education schools,protestant to their ethos etc.The majority of schools should be made non religious,for the sake of the religious schools.The religious choice schools could then vet there applicants to make sure they are practicing catholic,Protestant,etc and be more selective as to who they allow call them self catholic,Protestant etc.Draw the line in the sand about what your beliefs are.This is the churches opportunity to rid it’s self of plastic believers.The church run educators should see this as a chance to strengthen it’s ethos,not try to hold on to lax catholic,protestant,etc.let them go.

  7. Bock’s line is so bigoted ridicule and full of hate, it is a pity that he didn’t get some love as a child. A little bit of education might have enlightened him as to the meaning of ‘vivify’ and he might be able to come to understand the meaning of the word – obviously missed out during his own education, what little he appears to have obtained.
    The rest of us are thankful for the excellent education and high academic and vocational standards that we obtained form the Catholic School system. We thankfully are able to see through his simplistic and shallow analysis as he would like the opportunity to indoctrinate young minds with ideologies and platitudes but cause children to travel down the path of the lowest common denominator, course, callous and proletarian.

  8. to M Mc.Clean
    if this religious education was so good perhaps he might be able to explain why so many of our young people dont go to mass any more.

  9. Careful there Mr McLean, when you say the “The rest of us are thankful for the excellent education and high academic and vocational standards that we obtained form the Catholic School system”, who exactly are the rest of us? You certainly don’t speak for me

  10. i was aghast to read of Rule 68 and how incomprehensible it is.

    ‘Religious Instruction has its subject matter, God’s honour and service, includes the proper use of all man’s faculties, and affords the most powerful inducements to their proper use.’

    What the fuck is ‘god’s honour and service.’What is a god, whose God, what is his honour, what is his service,.

    How does ‘religious instruction’ include the proper use of all man’s faculties’ .? and what the hell does ‘affords the most powerful inducements to their proper use’ mean especially for seven year old children who are forced to confess to ‘sins’ before they are compelled to become cannibals eating the ‘body and blood’ the son of the immaterial God!!!!

    Religious Instruction is abusive, an awful waste of educational time and most certainly not a basis for morality which should be an essential part of a child’s education and upbringing but which can never be derived from the supernatural.
    It is abusive, a waste of educational time

  11. Michael. Let me quote you. ” it is a pity that he didn’t get some love as a child.”

    Please explain precisely what you know about my childhood. Explain your sources, your knowledge and your authority.


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