Curse of Enoch Powell destroys David Cameron

Memory of old xenophobe controls modern Britain

enoch powellEnoch Powell’s ghost has killed David Cameron’s career and how symmetrical the tragedy is.

Powell, who once wished damnation on Chamberlain for appeasing Hitler, has reached from beyond the grave to ruin an even worse failure as Prime Minister. Powell, the voice of British xenophobia for so many years, perhaps didn’t realise what a seed he had planted or what a thorny briar it would grow into. Despite his personal hubris, the man who expected from his teens to become Viceroy of India might well have failed to understand the motivations of hoi polloi. Perhaps in his magnificent mind, the classics professor thought that his utterances were all Greek to the lower orders, but if so, how wrong Enoch Powell was.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.[/dropshadowbox]

Thus spoke Powell. But even he could hardly have suspected that a Prime Minister would behave as crassly as Cameron. Powell the intellectual could hardly have supposed that any PM would be so stupid as to gamble on the stupidity of the Great British Unwashed, especially an unwashed that had for years festered in the propaganda of those who sought to profit from hatred, from xenophobia and from ignorance.

Enoch Powell might well appreciate the symmetry of David Cameron’s capitulation, a political life ending in failure but also cut off in midstream, though hardly at a happy juncture.

If he took a moment to ponder, Powell might well conclude that he himself had sown the seeds of the anti-immigrant hatred that led to a narrow Brexit margin, though he might not be so happy to reflect that he was the only major figure in modern history who evoked rivers of blood, apart from Saddam Hussein.

It was in the seed-bed prepared by Powell that the shoots of anti-immigrant ignorance took root and eventually undermined David Cameron’s foundations, but at the same time, his demise was predictable once he dabbled with things he didn’t understand. The toffs of the Bullingdon Club — David Cameron and Boris Johnson — might as well be looking into a bush as trying to understand the lower orders in their class-ridden society and their joint gamble failed, though with different outcomes.

Powell understood the proletariat well enough, as a man who rose through the ranks from Private to Brigadier in five short years, thanks to his prodigious intellect. He knew that the British Tommy was deliberately bred to be a savage fighting unit by his aristocratic betters. He grasped the fact that the Empire desired to cull these fighting units in a hail of lead war upon war for fear their vote might make a difference in the homeland.

Powell was untroubled by such ugly notions, and it’s reasonable to assume that neither Cameron nor Johnson lost much sleep about it either, just as Thatcher didn’t when sending an expeditionary force to the South Atlantic in defence of New Zealand’s mineral rights over a rocky outpost governed by a man with a feathered helmet and a ceremonial sword.

But the difference is that Cameron and Johnson took a chance and gambled on the Great British Unwashed not bothering to turn out for the vote. What’s doubly ironic is that Cameron and Johnson hoped for the same thing — a Brexit defeat — and now Cameron is gone while Johnson simply ran away. But here comes Theresa May to replace Cameron and suddenly Johnson is appointed Foreign Secretary.

I don’t know if there’s an old Chinese curse to cover these situations, but if not, there should be.

May you get what you wished for.

Enoch would surely be chuckling in ancient Greek.


7 thoughts on “Curse of Enoch Powell destroys David Cameron

  1. EU wonderful institution that helped Ireland recover who through their economic rape spun as a tale of tough love. We also like the UK joined the EEC a completely different structure than the neoliberal EU, busy by the way holding secret talks on furthering American interests through TTIP.
    At this stage most people in the UK would not have a clue as to who Enoch Powell was. The vote from the people was a vote against the system of UK austerity polices by Osborne and Co and that there are no real economy left outside the London bubble.

  2. There will probably be even less of an economy post Article 50 and the two year exit period. A referendum on the future of your country is no place for a protest vote. A GE is the correct forum and the people of UK returned the Tories to power with an outright majority. But you’re right it’s all the fault of the EU.

  3. I’ve complained about the EU here before. But I think the UK made a mistake. They were warned by the best economists and experts not to leave but ignored the advice. The Tin foil hat and Max Moseley brigade don’t like facts! I foresee a lot of pain for the UK and and the EU (especially us) in the near future.
    No. 8 is right. The Brits had a chance to fight back against their savage austerity but chose to give their abusers a mandate for more misery. Granted Labour, under Milliband, was still reeking of phoney Tony and unlikely to change a whole lot. But a protest vote is still a chance to stick two fingers up to the establishment.
    Racism and Xenophobia were the main narrative and result of the referendum, but not all leavers voted because of it. There were Lefties angry at the ECB and banking establishment. People worried about overpopulation. Hell, I saw some leavers were Anglo- Asians and Anglo-Africans who thought free movement for east european migrants was racist against non-EU immigrants and wanted closer economic ties with the commonwealth that might benefit their relatives.
    If Dave and the stupid Tories had addressed these issues better, they might have pushed the remain vote numbers over the line and won. But as Bock said they underestimated the “oiks”!
    Sucks to be them!

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