Pro10 – the Olympic ticket distribution company that doesn’t distribute Olympic tickets

Puzzle of Irish Olympic tickets in Rio

Pro10 is the official ticket distribution agent for the Olympic Committee of Ireland (OCI). For some reason, however, another, unauthorised company, THG, ended up distributing the tickets at the Rio Olympics, leading to the almighty balls-up we’re now watching in amused horror. THG is owned by Marcus Paul Bruce Evans, Chairman of Ipswich Town FC.

Coincidentally, the Irishman arrested in Rio, Kevin Mallon, had a Paul Bruce listed in his phone.

A quick glance at the Pro10 company records shows the following:

The company’s legal name is KMEPro. K for Ken Murray, M for Michael Glynn and E for Eamonn Collins, the three directors.

The company trades as Pro10 Sports Management

It was set up on the 28th April 2015.

It lists its activities as Business and Management Consultancy

It doesn’t appear to have any experience in ticket distribution or any capability to carry out such work.

Let me just leave you with this: KMEPro has the same postcode as 121 other companies.

4 thoughts on “Pro10 – the Olympic ticket distribution company that doesn’t distribute Olympic tickets

  1. Do you know if Pro10 had any other customers other than OCI and if they employed staff.

  2. PRO10 was only setup after THG were barred from becoming agents because of a dubious touting history.

    It looks like it was set up specifically to look different whilst all the original characters are pulling the strings in the background

  3. While the OCI had no involvement in the actual selling of olympic tickets, it surely was involved in negotiating with the International Olympic Committee for the designation of a quota of tickets for sale to Irish sports fans, and for the allocation of two tickets to the opening ceremony to each Irish athlete. To me it seems that the relationship between OCI and Pro10 needs to be ascertained. How was Pro10 given the job of selling the Irish quota of tickets, and is this the way other national olympic councils go about getting their national allocations sold? And why did THG end up ‘distributing’ the tickets at Rio? Relatives of Irish athletes in Rio urgently want to know why they were frustrated in their attempts in advance of the games to buy tickets at par through legitimate channels.

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