Ireland overtaken by an evil cult of sexually-disturbed nuns

They sold human hair to English wig shops.

Think about that.

With the collusion of the State, they enslaved young girls, imprisoned them, tore their babies from their breast and imprisoned them.  They called those children the Spawn of Satan. They regimented the children of those poor girls, humiliated them, paraded them in front of the town children, dressed them in smocks and made certain sure that they would never have the slightest shred of dignity.

That was what these fine Christian nuns did.

That was what these Brides of Christ achieved in our fine new Catholic independent republic.

That was exactly what these disturbed, frustrated, demented religious women inflicted on the young people of this fine republic.

How many hundreds of babies were flung into a sewer in Tuam?

I want to puke. I want to throw up. I really want to finally express my revulsion at the sort of state these so-called revolutionaries created, when all they managed to do was put our children in the hands of religious lunatics.

The nuns sold human hair to English wig shops, torn from the heads of the poor girls they imprisoned against the law. The nuns sold babies to America and Australia, against the law. The nuns used girls as slaves in their laundries against the law.

And now those same nuns thumb their noses to the law by refusing to release information about the babies they stole, leaving heartbroken mothers bereft.

It’s time these nuns were dragged before a court to answer for themselves instead of issuing callous, dismissive press statements, but of course, what could one expect from people who have never experienced close personal human relationships?

People who might be experiencing extreme personal anger as a result.

People who might be very damaged and unsuitable to look after anyone else.


9 thoughts on “Ireland overtaken by an evil cult of sexually-disturbed nuns

  1. Was what they did against the law of the time?
    What did the police do about that?
    What newspapers reported anything concerning these crimes?
    Where does the Irish Medical Organisation stand concerning their members participation in every one of those births and deaths?
    Any one hear anything from any of these silent partners yet?

  2. The McCabe case and the abuse scandals are of a piece. The clerical state created in the the 1920s required a police force that was submissive to the hierarchy and that embraced a culture of secrecy. The cover-up in Tuam and the conspiracy against Maurice McCabe are symptoms of a dysfunctional state where there is no separation from the church, as would be the case in a real republic, and where those in high office come from a culture where they still believe they are part of an inner circle that will not be held accountable, and are dismissive of any suggestion to the contrary

  3. There are no excuses. slowly but surely the people of this country are demanding standards in line with a modern state. However some of the institutions of the church and the state are clinging on to the past, but the average citizen today is too well informed and educated to swallow their crap.

  4. I think that I agree with de fan.Ireland is growing up,and it’s getting harder to hide shit.Children unearth human skulls and they call a priest ! I don’t think that would happen today.I remember a long time ago you said that Ireland was not was not ready to rule itself when it was handed the reins all those years ago.It is gradually maturing and it is getting harder for those knuckle draggers to explain things with mumbo jumbo.

  5. It’s interesting how rarely this is integrated into histories of the time. You can read biographies of politicians, or the history of An Garda Síochána, that completely ignore the crimes that they knew about and did nothing about

  6. Scalping children who had absconded from the Institutions was the norm for these religious orders. Eight girls tried to get home to their parents from the Bundoran institution, were caught and returned to the nuns … who scalped them – none of the main Irish papers covered this but the UKs News of the World(?) did but the (apparent) authorities here did nothing. But the nuns would skin a turd for a farthing ….

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