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Fathers’ Day relaxation

There’s something very rejuvenating about Fathers’ Day — an affirmation that we old lads aren’t completely bad after all, not entirely without our decent points.  And truthfully, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  We raise our children and we set them free.  We don’t place obligations on them to observe ritual or custom.  We just hope they get it, and when they do, it makes us that much richer: so much the better if they come back of their own volition and say, right, Dad, let’s go for a couple of pints.

Gold couldn’t buy you that.

And so it came about that, after a long hard day slogging away at the garden, chopping down bushes and power-hosing patios, I found myself in Nancy Blake’s wonderful establishment, enjoying music played by good friends including one I haven’t seen in quite a while since he moved to Dubai.  Thank God for Ramadan, that time of year when Irish people flee the gulf en masse to visit and entertain their friends back home.  I hope we’ll catch up again before he goes back, though I expect to be travelling myself fairly soon, so who knows?

Of course, these days no trip to town would be complete without a visit to Cobblestone Joe’s where they now serve the best pizza this side of New York City, thanks to their snappy new pizza bar and even snappier new chef.

What precisely could be wrong with this? A pint, a delicious thin-base pizza and a live shit-kickin’ band in the company of those you love most in the world?

Well, two things, I suppose.

Firstly, we were thoroughly hockeyed by Tipperary in the Munster semi-final, with the result that the town was full of people in Limerick and Tipp shirts.  Never a good look.  The men of Tipperary proved me right when I said having six fingers is an advantage and the tinfoil industry got a huge boost.

Secondly, being without a camera and taking a truly bad picture on a phone, of people jiving in terrible hurling shirts and worse.

cobblestone joes limerick

For this, I apologise sincerely and promise it won’t happen again.

For all the rest, let us celebrate Fathers’ Day and give thanks to the universe for our good fortune.

Entertainment Favourites Limerick Nancys Venues

Silliness From the O’Malleys at Nancy’s

A night of fun and silliness from the silliest and funniest band in Ireland at Nancy’s.

Here’s Dave, looking relaxed.  Why? Well, at a guess, I’d say the O’Malleys are probably more chilled than Van the Man, but that’s only my opinion.

Here.  Click on the pic for a bit of a gallery.





Double Bill in Nancys: Gonzos and O Malleys

Looking forward to tomorrow night.

As you know, the O Malleys had to cancel their gig at Nancy’s a few weeks back due to the loss of a man who was a dear friend to many in our town.

That’s rescheduled for tomorrow night, and they’ll be sharing the honours with the regular Boogie Band.

From about 6:30 until whenever.  Not to be missed.


Jane Fraser at Nancy’s

Here’s an occasional treat for Limerick music-lovers.  The superb Jane Fraser returns to Nancy’s for a one-off gig with the Boogie Band next Sunday, 22nd August at 6:30 pm.

Don’t miss this.



Live at Nancy’s

Limerick Live recording Nancys Venues

Limerick Music – Live at Nancys

Here’s Jane Fraser at Nancy Blake’s with the Gonzo Boogie Band.

[scrollGallery id=14]


Limerick Nancys Venues

Jane Fraser in Nancy’s

jane265x265After an outstanding performance at the Speakeasy, Jane Fraser returns to Limerick on Sunday 29th November, this time playing Nancy’s with the Gonzo Boogie Band.

It’s an early gig as usual.  6:30 pm.

Don’t miss this. Jane has one of the most powerful, soul-infused voices in the business. This is a free gig, so grab it while you can. Before long, you’ll be paying serious money to hear this lady.

Star material.

Where: Nancy Blake’s.

When: Sunday 29th November at 6:30 m.

Here’s a clip from the Speakeasy sessions to remind you what a performer this girl is.

And here’s another side of Jane

And just to remind you about the Gonzos, here they are:

Limerick Live recording Nancys Venues

The Funk Junkies at Nancy Blake’s, Limerick

This bunch of ne’er-do-wells were playing in Nancy’s the other night.



I had to stay and listen.