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Big Gay Gaelic Football Weekend in Limerick

Today in Limerick we have the All-Ireland Gaelic football semi-final replay and the Limerick Pride march.

This means the town is full of big freckly-headed Mayomen, not a bit happy after an enforced long drive because the GAA stabbed them in the back, a gang of Kerrymen from just south of the border, and a throng of raving homosexuals in leotards and dresses.

What could possibly go wrong?

Not much, as far as I can see.  It just means the town is even more festive than usual this weekend and if we can persuade some of our visitors to remain for a night or two, we can look forward to massive partying no matter who wins the knockabout they call Gaelic football.


The Mayo supporters have a point when they complain about holding an All-Ireland semi final replay in Limerick.  As somebody said today, what kid grows up dreaming of playing in the Gaelic Grounds?  No-one, obviously, but for some reason, the GAA completely screwed up its schedules and contracted to host an American Football game instead.  Not being a GAA follower, I don’t quite understand why the semi-final could not have been played on Sunday instead, but no doubt someone will enlighten me.

Unfortunately for the Mayo crowd but happily for the Kerry bunch, the scoreline went the way of the southern visitors after a closely-fought bout of pulling and dragging, and so it happens that two hordes depart our home town, one to the north and the other to the south, each of them leaving a trail of destruction in the form of half-eaten ham-sandwiches, bottles of tea, Tayto bags and crepe-paper hats.

But of course, they’ll leave a residue of boisterous young foot-soldiers to inspect a town they’ve never in their lives visited, thanks to dire warnings from the Dublin meeja ( most of whom have likewise never set foot in our town).  What happens when the Kerry and Mayo hordes meet the gay wave, I simply cannot say, but it won’t  be pretty, and that’s why I’ve retired to my mountain redoubt for safety.

What a result.  The gays and the gaas.

GAA Pride.  You can’t beat it.

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Limerick Pride March 2013

Limerick Pride March 2013 001


Limerick Pride March 2013 002


Limerick Pride March 2013 003


Limerick Pride March 2013 004


Limerick Pride March 2013 005


Limerick Pride March 2013 006

Limerick Pride March 2013 007


Limerick Pride March 2013 008


Limerick Pride March 2013 009


Limerick Pride March 2013 010


Limerick Pride March 2013 011


Limerick Pride March 2013 012


Limerick Pride March 2013 013


Limerick Pride March 2013 014


Limerick Pride March 2013 015


Limerick Pride March 2013 016


Limerick Pride March 2013 017


Limerick Pride March 2013 018


Limerick Pride March 2013 019

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Limerick Pride March 2012

It was a lovely sunny day.  The sort of day that makes you feel good about yourself, and Limerick was humming along nicely, getting wound up for the festivities ahead.  (And the shenanigans.  Never forget the shenanigans).

Limerick Pride day is always great fun, but I’ve never seen the weather as good as it was for this one.  Obviously, God has stopped hating Limerick gays, or else he’s away for the weekend.  Who can tell?

Well, some people are fairly sure that God hates gays, if the evangelical gobshites handing out leaflets are anything to judge by.  Beyond the Grave.

This tosser started shouted about damnation and repentance immediately the parade started.  He went remarkably quiet very fast when a young female Garda reminded him that he needed to shut the fuck up unless he wanted to be arrested.


He went remarkably quiet very fast when a young female Garda reminded him that he needed to shut the fuck up unless he wanted to be arrested.

I had a chat with his Leader, earlier, a smug Northern bible-basher straight from Central-Casting.  He told me that he knew Christ had brought happiness to many people, and that sex wasn’t everything.  I told him that the Limerick gay parade had nothing to do with his beliefs or with sex, but everything to do with people proclaiming their status as equal citizens in this republic.  He didn’t seem to like that, for reasons I couldn’t quite fathom.

I asked him if Jesus would be out condemning gays but he didn’t have an answer to that .  I pointed out to him that Limerick people had always shown goodwill to the Pride event, and that we had only ever seen protests from a few bigoted maniacs, but he was welcome to our town anyway.

I also reminded him that everyone is either gay or has a gay child, brother, sister or friend.  I told him it’s an inevitable part of the human condition.

He shrugged and smiled in an evangelical sort of way, but at least he didn’t offer me a leaflet and we parted on amicable enough terms.

Here he is a little later.


Here he is again, handing out pamphlets as he follows the march.

But enough of these gobshites.  What about the day?

Well, as usual, the people of Limerick embraced the whole event, and it went without a hitch, ending in the grounds of the Hunt Museum with sun, silliness, beer and music.  It will of course go on to the small hours, ending with a massive party in Dolans, but I won’t be there because I lack the stamina.  Jesus, these fucking gays go on forever.

Here’s a few pictures as usual.

Are you ready?  Have you got your Cute settings on Aaaaawwwww!!!?

Here we go.  Beat this if you can.


Warning.  It’s all downhill from here.  (Well, almost.  I’ll rescue it at the end).



The Mayor and the Minister for Community Stuff, supporting Gay Pride









Time to get off these fucking stilts




Our Mayor



And finallly, one more time.  Aaaaawwwww!!




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Good Luck to the Queers

Limerick Pride Week is now on.

Why don’t you go and take a look?  It isn’t just for the homocyclists, you know.

The annual Pride parade is on Saturday at 1:00 pm and there’s a party in Dolans on Saturday night.  I hope to bring you some pictures of both.